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Star Builder Modules

Star Builder is a complete job cost and financial control system designed for the construction industry. It provides all the information you need about your contracts, labor and material costs, subcontractors' performance, and cash position. Plus, it offers you greater flexibility in how you use that information.

Star Builder features multiple modules and scaleable configurations that allow you to customize your own powerful office solutions. Check out the modules listed below and see how Star Builder can benefit your company:

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable module is used to collect, track, and pay the costs that your company creates in the course of doing business.

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable module allows you to issue invoices to your customers for services and goods that you have provided and record and track payments made on the invoices by your customers.

General Ledger

The General Ledger lets you set up your general accounting system and specify the rules that your General Ledger module will use to operate.

This module also contains Sub Ledger functionality.


The Payroll module provides you with options for managing employee payroll information and processes in conjunction with the other Star Builder applications.

Job Costing

The Job Costing module allows you to track job costs at up to four levels of detail and interact with the Star Builder system General Ledger, Payroll, and Accounts Payable modules to create reports, forms, calculations, and cost estimates.

Equipment Costing with Depreciation

The Equipment Costing module allows you to track information and costs for any piece of your company's equipment.

This module contains an Asset/Equipment Depreciation component.

Financial Statements

The Financial Statements module allows you to use pre-formatted financial statement reports, or create custom reports to access a wide variety of financial information available on screen and in printed form.


These options allow you to simplify the tracking of inventory movement and makes accurate, up to date inventory information available.

Item Transfer

The Item Transfer module allows you to quickly transfer costs from asset accounts to the expense accounts. Additionally, items can be added to Time & Material Billings invoices.

You can create any items required by your company to transfer costs from an inventory account to jobs, and to establish items on T&M invoices. Items can represent material, labor, equipment, services such as copying and typing, or anything that represents dollars and quantities.

Prime Contracts

This option allows you to control and manage your contractual agreements, both the original contract amount and change orders.

Progress Billing

The Progress Billing Module allows you to establish and modify jobs for which an Application for Payment will be produced.

Power Notes

This option allows you to create a note or comment attached to a key field in the Star Builder system.

Purchase Order

The Purchase Order system has options for controlling the ordering of items, the receiving of items, and the tracking of committed costs for jobs.  The system also allows you to generate printed purchase orders that can be sent to vendors.


This option lets you enter and track information about your subcontracts. Once information is entered, you can track the exact terms of the agreement.

System Set Up

The System Set Up module allows you to establish basic information about your company or companies, set up codes and descriptions used throughout the system, enter information from your previous accounting system, and customize the system to meet specific needs. Users operating under the new menu system will find all system set up options located in the Setup group of their parent modules.

System Maintenance

The System Maintenance option is used to link together all Star Builder modules by updating information through the system.

System Update

This option allows you to process postings from other applications to update General Ledger and Job Cost.

T & M Billing

The Time & Material (T&M) Billing option allows you to define the invoice format and the billing information that appears on the customer invoice.  T&M Billing will only collect data for jobs whose field, Billing Type, is set to T&M Billing or Cost Plus Billing.

Supported products: ToolBox, LIBRA Signature, The Construction Manager, ProEst, Service Works, Microsoft Office and Crystal Reports.