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The Construction Manager Modules

Job Cost

Controlling job costs is the number-one reason most contractors computerize their business. The Construction Manager lets you keep a close eye on costs and alerts you to potential problems while there is still time to take action.

> Code costs by job, phase, cost code and cost type

> Track labor productivity, analyze unit costs and manage subcontract       relationships

> Control job cash flow

> Control access to sensitive information with job level security

Accounts Payable

For many builders and contractors, the majority of job costs are paid to subcontractors and suppliers. The Construction Manager Accounts Payable module lets you stay on top of your vendor payables and in control of your cash flow.

> Control cash disbursements by selective payment of invoices by job, due date, discount date, vendor or by selecting specific invoices

> Automatically withhold retainage and control its release

> Maintain complete invoice history including all payments for each invoice

Accounts Receivable

The management of receivables can have a significant impact on cash flow and net profit. Process customer invoices on industry-standard, predefined invoice formats or create your own. Customer statements are aged and automatically updated with invoicing and payment information. Complete customer history is also available to speed the collection process.

> Invoice customers using process billing, unit based or T&M invoice billing methods

> Track contract retention, billings and payments

> Design invoice formats to meet customer requirements


Even though labor cost is the one variable that you have the most control over, it can easily get out of control. The Construction Manager gives you all the information you need to stay on top of your labor costs.

> Support multi-state, multi-rate, multi-union, and multi-job payrolls

> Automatically handle workers' compensation, general liability, and union benefits and deductions

> Support 401k and Section 125 plans

> Handle prevailing wage rate calculation and certified payroll reporting

> Direct Deposit

Purchase Orders

Job profile margins are protected by implementing a purchasing system that lets you control the items you purchase prior to invoice arrival. Enter and track all the details for each purchase agreement and print/send purchase orders to your vendors. During invoice entry, the system will automatically warn you if there is a discrepancy with the purchase order. You can also track and print subcontracts and change orders.

> Prepare multiple line purchase orders and subcontracts

> Print purchase orders, subcontracts and change orders using standard forms included with the system or ones you've designed

> Create template purchase orders for repetitive use


If you keep an inventory on trucks or in warehouses, The Construction Manager gives you better control of that investment. The Inventory module is designed to track inventory in multiple locations and can easily transfer materials back and forth between inventory locations and job sites.

> Transfer inventory to and from jobs and between locations

> Track quantity on hand, on order, and reorder point for all inventory items

> Update the on-order quantities in Purchase Orders

> Automatically create and update inventory items from a pricing service

General Ledger

General Ledger is the collection point for all the accounting information in your system. Every application posts information to the General Ledger, and it is here that you can immediately access the financial information for auditing and reporting. Transactions can be entered and posted to any fiscal period and fiscal year maintained on the system, provided security access is granted. Information from multiple companies can be easily consolidated into financial statements. All accounting detail is available on-screen in the form of an inquiry or can be printed in report format.

> Produce departmental financial statements

> Design your own financial statements

> Control access to each accounting period to avoid unauthorized transaction postings

> Generate recurring journal entries

Supported products: ToolBox, LIBRA Signature, The Construction Manager, ProEst, Service Works, Microsoft Office and Crystal Reports.