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QBCI Online Back Up


Manual tape backup has proven to be extremely error-prone—with failure rates as high as 50%.

Compounding this risk is the complex and time-consuming nature of tape backup—particularly for businesses with limited IT resources.


The QBCI Online Back Up Service lets you retain full control of your data protection while cost-effectively outsourcing the data backup, offsite storage, archiving and recovery tasks.


The QBCI Online Back Up Service is a tape-free backup and recovery service that
allows you to focus on your business – not backup:

  • No tapes to purchase, handle, catalog, or store

  • No backup staffing and scheduling

  • No driving tapes offsite

  • No rebuilding files from multiple tapes

  • No mechanical or environmentally-induced tape failures

  • No backup error messages to decipher

  • 100% guaranteed recovery!

With the QBCI Online Back Up Service there’s no more worry, no more tapes.
Just hassle-free, cost-effective peace of mind knowing your data is safe and easily retrievable.

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Supported products: ToolBox, LIBRA Signature, The Construction Manager, ProEst, Service Works,                                 Microsoft Office and Crystal Reports.