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Quality Business Consulting, Inc. (QBCI) is a technology consulting firm specializing in the implementation, support and engineering of Construction Project Management  and accounting systems. 

On-time delivery, reduced project costs and top-quality results drive every construction project owner and their contractors. That's why StarProject for Notes or StarProject software solutions provide integrated team communication and collaboration; coordinated, schedule-based procurement; and are the world's standard for project planning and control - to ensure successful design, construction and facility management projects.

Our construction project management software helps construction companies and facility owners more effectively control multiple projects at the same time - while considering the impact of projects in the pipeline. Our construction project management  software helps companies wisely deploy limited resources across their projects and stay on top of issues. This helps to protect thin margins and tight deadlines. In short, StarProject for Notes or StarProject  Construction Project Management  software enables construction project managers to control the outcome of every project, contract, subcontractor and supplier.

Project managers have the information necessary to consider the impact of project risks and unanticipated changes on project deadlines and budgets. Everyone from executives, project managers, to field superintendents and third-party participants, such as owners, designers and suppliers, receives the project information they need when they need it. No one holds up forward progress on projects without being accountable.


Supported products: ToolBox, LIBRA Signature, The Construction Manager, ProEst, Service Works, Microsoft Office and Crystal Reports.