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Quality Business Consulting, Inc. (QBCI) is a technology consulting firm specializing in the implementation, support and engineering of construction management and accounting systems.  

StarProject for Notes was designed on the Lotus Notes platform. This allows it to run in multiple environments including WindowsNT, Novell, AS400, Unix and Windows 95/98 peer-to-peer. StarProject for Notes runs fully integrated with Star Builder, but it can also run alone. It has the ability to easily interface with other accounting software, including Geac solutions, such as CS1000. However, being built on the Notes platform requires that Lotus Notes be installed in order to run the software.

Collaboration is perhaps the most attractive and powerful feature of StarProject for Notes. It allows all the members of the project team (architects, engineers, clients, general contractors, subcontractors, superintendents, project managers and others) to collaborate more efficiently-having direct access to the same information. This is the power of Lotus Notes technology. Because it is web enabled, any of this information can be accessed by anyone with authorized security, anywhere over the internet, through a browser. This powerful collaboration also creates a virtually paperless office.

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Supported products: Star Builder, LIBRA Signature, The Construction Manager, ProEst, Service Works, Microsoft Office and Crystal Reports.